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Falling Skies “Mind Wars” – Top Three Moments.


Falling Skies S4 Key Art 1 (featured)Season 4, Episode 5

Air Date: Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 10/9c on TNT



“Today, right now, we’re on the same side…” – Anne


Anne (Moon Bloodgood) has her hands full in the not so tranquil sanctuary of China Town. The Espheni overlord is playing a dirty mind game with poor Ben (Connor Jessup) and when Anne decides to stop playing nice, it’s Ben who bears the brunt. Lexi (Scarlett Byrne) does something quite shocking but I think we all knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Meanwhile, Tom (Noah Wyle), Weaver (Will Patton), and young Matt (Maxim Knight) are heading out to find where Hal (Drew Roy) and the rest of the crew went but are sidetracked when two men take Tom prisoner.


Top 3 Moments of “Mind Wars”

Tom and Weaver run into two strangers that have a hidden agenda when they learn Tom's identity

Tom and Weaver run into two strangers that have a hidden agenda when they learn Tom’s identity

3. Weaver and Matt get shot…sort of. Tom, Weaver, and Matt meet up with Nick (Gil Bellows) and his brother Cooper (Aaron Douglas), who claim to have escaped a “Skitter farm” where adults are being harnessed instead of children. During their brief stay, Tom extracts key details of Nick’s odd story about how he got so many supplies. After Weaver and Matt go to bed, Tom takes first watch but Nick and Cooper have other plans – they want to take Tom to the Espheni overlord Tom torched to collect their bounty. When Cooper shoots all his rounds into Weaver and Matt’s sleeping bags, the look on Tom’s face is heartbreaking. Thankfully, those sleeping bags were empty. Tom and Weaver are smart guys – they know better than to shut their eyes in the company of strangers telling tall tales.


  1. Ben gets a beating intended for another. Through Ben’s old harness spikes, he is able to translate for the Espheni overlord when Anne questions him about his true intentions with her daughter Lexi. But the Espheni decides to take control of the situation by hurting Ben through their connection. Seeing Ben so vulnerable really puts into perspective how advanced these Espheni beings are. It’s amazing how they’re able to hurt Ben in such a way with their minds. But later, when Anne is fed up with the lies and begins beating the Espheni with a large stick, Ben screams out in agony with every blow. Maggie (Sarah S. Carter) is the one who realizes the connection and stops Anne from continuing her torture.


  1. Lexi attacks her mother Anne by using her telepathy powers to make her choke. Lexi is evolving and we finally learn her reason for her loyalty to the Espheni I knew this was going to happen so it was just a matter of when, not if. Lexi becomes very ill after her attack on her mother and runs a fever of 118 degrees. Wow. No human I know would survive with a temperature like that which begs the question – how human is Lexi? Lexi finally reveals why she is trying to help the Espheni overlord her mother has captive – he is also her father. Wait? What the… So Lexi has two fathers – Tom and this Espheni overlord? How is this possible?


“Mind Wars” leaves us with many questions that I hope will be answered soon. I’m eager to find out what will happen in Lexi’s final transformation as we get a glimpse of her in a cocoon in next week’s preview. With Falling Skies being renewed for a fifth and final season, I’m very curious as to how the writers will proceed with Lexi’s evolution and her role within both the human race and the Espheni.


What are your top moments of “Mind Wars?” I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment here or tweet me @judybopp.


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