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Falling Skies – “Exodus” Recap. Top 3 Moments.


Falling Skies S4 Key Art 1 (featured)Season 4, Episode 3

Air Date: Sunday, July 6, 2014 at 10/9c on TNT



“Drop the high priestess routine, Lourdes!” — Maggie


L-R: Hal, Tom, and Weaver discuss the plan next to the very volatile bomb

L-R: Hal, Tom, and Weaver discuss the plan next to the very volatile bomb

“Exodus” continues with the plans Tom (Noah Wyle) set in motion to help everyone escape the prison camp by knocking out the tethered wire powering the laser grid. Along with his eldest son Hal (Drew Roy), comrades Weaver (Will Patton) and Pope (Colin Cunningham), and newcomer Dingaan (Treva Etienne), the guys devise a plot so they can help everyone rally to the rendezvous point for the final escape. Their half-cocked plan doesn’t go off without some serious hitches. It’s an intense race to see who crosses the finish line and who gets incinerated by the laser grid.


Meanwhile, Anne (Moon Bloodgood) collapses on the road due to her stubbornness and the fact that she’s been giving away her rations. During her unconscious state, she has a strange dream, or perhaps it’s a memory, about her time on the Espheni ship. If I recall, Anne was pregnant and gave birth while they all lived in Charleston. In this vision or memory, Anne’s very pregnant and an Espheni overlord is connected to her through an outside umbilical cord. It’s quite jarring. This raises a lot of questions but also explains why Lexi (Scarlett Byrne) exhibits such alien attributes—immense strength, heightened senses—among other things.

Anne has been giving away her rations and has now worn herself down. But her dream leads her to Lexi.

Anne has been giving away her rations and has now worn herself down. But her dream leads her to Lexi.


Ben (Connor Jessup) lets the alien out the bag when he tells Maggie (Sarah Carter) about Lexi’s late night excursions with an Espheni overlord. Maggie is none too pleased and confronts Lexi about it with bone crushing consequences. Isn’t Lexi all about peace? Maybe breaking someone’s wrist doesn’t count as violent behavior in her eyes. And, Lourdes (Gabrielle Seychelle) continues to play the role of Lexi’s protector, even standing in front of her when Maggie pulls her gun on Lexi questioning why she is meeting with the Espheni behind their backs. I’m curious about the lesson Lexi gives to her disciples about the necklace she wears, the triscalon. What really happened the night Lexi allegedly took down the Mech? Why is China Town so peaceful and untouched by the raging alien war outside the walls?


Poor Matt (Maxim Knight). He’s taking the heat and Team Leader Kent (Dakota Daulby) is still extra creepy with his Nazi-esque ways. I can only hope Cochise (Doug Jones) is able to save Matt from whatever punishment he’s in for before it’s too late.


Top 3 Moments of “Exodus”

#3.   When Dingaan hurts himself, someone has to put on the exo-suit and climb over the fence to plant the bomb. Who steps up; the most unlikely hero – Pope. We all know Pope isn’t the most trustworthy fellow of the bunch but when push comes to shove, he really stacks up. But things get a little hairy when he accidentally drops the bag carrying the bomb. I cringed while watching Pope climb up the pole. The way the electricity was surging on the suit – it’s a very intense scene. The gasp moment comes as the suit begins to fall apart as Pope falls off the pole, thankfully on the other side, but he’s knocked out. Shake it off, Pope! Rub some dirt on it. It’s just millions of volts of electricity…no biggie.

#2. Anne is finally reunited with her daughter Lexi. Although we don’t get to see much after the initial hug, the look on Lexi’s face tells me she’s not really as thrilled as Anne is about this reunion.

#1. What do you do to create a diversion when an alien “zeppelin” is floating above you with all eyes on you? If you’re Tom, you gets ballsy and light the Espheni overlord on fire with a blow torch gun, that’s what. This came out of left field. I know Tom carries the blow torch around but I never expected him to light the Espheni overlord on fire. It was kind of a magical moment, scary as all get out, but magical. It’s like something snaps in Tom. He’s really ready to get out of this prison camp.


Overall, “Exodus” pushes various plot points forward – Tom and the gang escape their prison camp, but they are not alone. Something is watching them in the distance. Anne and Lexi’s reunion doesn’t seem quite as joyous as I anticipated. And we finally get to see Cochise and his Volm crew again but are they going to be able to help Tom and the humans defeat this new regime of Espheni? What about the greater threat the Espheni overlord mentioned to Tom? While I could have used some more excitement, “Exodus” moves ahead while giving us more questions to ponder.

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