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Falling Skies – “A Thing with Feathers” Top Three Moments.


Falling Skies S4 Key Art 1 (featured)Season 4, Episode 8

Air Date: Sunday, August 10, 2014 at 10/9c on TNT



If you are hoping, because of the episode title, to see winged creatures swooping in, shaking their feathers at the rag tag group of survivors, you’ll be disappointed. But don’t fret. “A Thing with Feathers” is quite the entertaining and exciting episode, despite the lack of feathers. A lot goes on in “A Thing with Feathers.” During the aftermath of last week’s epic gas explosion, those who hunkered down to avoid total annihilation emerge from the bunker in search of survivors. We also learn about the Espheni’s grand plan for humans when Lexi (Scarlett Byrne) shows her half-brother Ben (Connor Jessup) “the future.”


Top 3 Moments of “A Thing with Feathers”

Moment #3 The Dark Side. Lexi appears to have completely gone over to the Espheni side in this battle between aliens and humans. Ben tells Lexi’s mother Anne (Moon Bloodgood) the Lexi they know and love is “gone.” Lexi mentions to Ben, after showing him the next stage of human evolution, she is going into training. What kind of training is she going to be a part of? And, last I checked, evolution is gradual, not forced like the Espheni are doing to those poor humans. The screams alone are bone chilling; props to the sound department for that.


Pope and Sara are getting closer...always nice to have someone to face the apocalypse with, isn't it?

Pope and Sara are getting closer…always nice to have someone to face the apocalypse with, isn’t it?

Moment #2 — 1-2 Punch! Matt (Maxim Knight) is the youngest of Tom Mason’s (Noah Wyle) sons and apparently the youngest among all the survivors. Have you seen any other kids besides Matt lately? Despite all the tragedy and negativity thrown at the entire 2nd Mass, Matt’s optimism regarding his father’s survival is resolute. In fact, he believes it so much, he takes a running swing at Pope (Colin Cunningham) when he suggests there aren’t any survivors from the gas explosion. I know Pope can be rough around the edges — who wouldn’t be in this situation — but I don’t think he would have said that had he known young Matt was within earshot. Pope may be a tool at times, but he had children once too…maybe he still does. We never did get confirmation of his kids in Florida being deceased. As an aside, I think Cunningham has been vastly underutilized this season but then again, the story arcs are leaning heavily toward the Mason family drama and their prodigal alien/hybrid daughter Lexi.


A new beginning for Hal and Maggie or will Ben's newly transplanted spikes into Maggies' spine change her feelings?

A new beginning for Hal and Maggie? Or will the newly transplanted spikes change her feelings?

Moment #1 — Alien Transplant. After Hal (Drew Roy) finds Maggie (Sarah Sanguin Carter), Anne assesses the situation, determining Maggie is paralyzed from the neck down. Ouch! For a ballsy chick like Maggie, that is not a good prognosis. After surviving so much, including a brain tumor, for Maggie to end up paralyzed from falling debris just feels wrong. Luckily, Hal has a brilliant idea – why not use some of the spinal fluid from Deni’s (Megan Danso) harness spikes? In theory, it should work, right? Well, Maggie doesn’t want any alien DNA inside her. Of course, Hal can’t let it go without a fight, even if what he decides is against Maggie’s wishes.

The entire scenario surrounding Maggie shows Hal’s true loyalties. He wants Maggie to be ok at whatever cost, including his own brother’s life. Hal offers no objections when Ben offers up his own spikes to be transplanted into Maggie, even at great risk to both. Of course, Ben has his own motives for wanting to save Maggie. I really enjoyed seeing more Volm technology being used during the extraction of Ben’s spikes. It’s quite fascinating, and seeing those spikes come out with the long tendrils still active is creepy and terrifying.

It will be interesting to see how Maggie adjusts to having the spikes in her. How will this affect her connection with Ben? Will she be able to read his thoughts like Ben and Deni are able to do with each other? Will Maggie begin to have stronger feelings for Ben or will she choose Hal?


While trapped below the ship, Dingaan opens up to Tom about what really happened to his family.

While trapped below the ship, Dingaan opens up to Tom about what really happened to his family.

“A Thing with Feathers” is full of romance. Pope and Sara (Mira Sorvino) finally have their moment. But what would Falling Skies be without danger and more intrusive bugs crawling their way into human veins? Another bug manages to get inside Tom but Dingaan (Treva Etienne) yanks it out, although it’s not without some considerable pain. What will happen to Tom’s arm? Did that bug leave something behind?


What are your top moments of “A Thing with Feathers?” I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment here or tweet me @judybopp.

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