Apr 10 2012

Drugged Up. Review: 2 Broke Girls – “And the Drug Money”


Review: 2 Broke Girls, S1 Ep 20, “And the Drug Money”

Air date: Monday, April 9, 2012, 8:30/7:30c on CBS


After several weeks of repeats, I was looking forward to seeing this episode. The wait was worth it just to see poor Caroline (Beth Behrs) suffering an unfortunate side effect from a clinical drug trial. This elicits plenty of laughter.

Max (Kat Dennings, left) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) meet Caroline's father's attorney (Josh Pais)

Max (Kat Dennings) amazes me with her resourcefulness. She participates in clinical drug trials for money. It’s risky but demonstrates how easily she finds different ways to earn money for her cupcake business. Showing what a true friend she is, Max offers Caroline $100 from their cupcake fund (in addition to $500 of the clinical drug money) to hire Caroline’s father’s attorney Leo Hutchinson (Josh Pais) to depose her. Amusing is watching Max’s fascination with Law & Order and trying to impress everyone with her knowledge of court proceedings: “Anything I can do to help? I’m pretty courtroom savvy. I mean, I haven’t seen every episode of ‘Law & Order.’ Just, like 400 of them.” If television were a true reflection of reality, I suppose I could get all my moneymaking ideas from Max! (Actually, I have considered clinical drug trials but risking the side effects is just not worth it for me. Donating plasma is an option if you’re hard up. They should explore this in another episode.)

Caroline (Beth Behrs, left) and Max (Kat Dennings, center) partaking in a clinical drug trial

The girls talking about their eating habits is pretty hilarious, especially when Caroline explains the aftereffects of eating Crunchy Flamin’ Hot Cheetos®. It’s something I would definitely say. I’m a grown woman but toilet humor is still funny to me!

The nurse (actor unnamed) leading the clinical drug trial is a hoot, too. After listing the side effects for Gladiva (including flatulence and anal leakage, which sends me into peals of laughter), he says “camel toe” and bursts out laughing. OK, it’s a lame joke, but I couldn’t help chortling. This episode has plenty of toilet humor, which always sends me into giggling fits. OK, I’m not really a grown woman. (Lie!)

At her deposition, Caroline wears a white blouse with a gigantic bow. What sort of fashion statement is this? It’s mutant sized. I’ve only ever seen a bow like that on Emma Stone’s dress at this year’s Oscars®. It nearly overwhelms her face but I guess it makes the moment when her tongue swells all the more funny. Behrs pulls off this scene without a hitch, lisping and dribbling water all over herself. Her tongue really does look swollen. Maybe she injected her tongue with something???

Max (Kat Dennings, left) helps Caroline (Beth Behrs) prepare for her deposition

To reward Max for her help, Caroline buys her a Law & Order DVD boxset from someone on the subway—for a mere $30. She’s learning where to find her bargains, thanks to Max.


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