May 10 2015

Bitten – “Rabbit Hole” Retrospective. Howl at the Moon.

Elena proceeds with caution

Elena proceeds with caution

Season 2, Episode 5

Airdate: Friday, May 8, 2015, 9/8c on Syfy


Bitten wastes no time getting to the nitty gritty in “Rabbit Hole” when Elena (Laura Vandervoort) and Savannah (Kiara Glasco) face greater dangers in Aleister’s (Sean Rogerson) remote compound. And, while at Stonehaven, Nick (Steve Lund) and Paige (Tommie Amber Pirie) embark on a journey that ends with some surprising revelations.

The Curious Case of Dr. Bauer

Man, oh man, I’ve seen a lot of eccentric and mad scientist types on television but Dr. Bauer (Carly Street) takes the cake! Since taking matters into her own hands and injecting herself with Elena’s wolf blood, things get a bit more hairy this week when Aleister’s plan for The Undoing gets out of hand. Street does a great job once again, showing a truly disturbing side of Bauer, if that is even possible. There’s something irksome about someone who talks about the pleasure in pain as if it’s a trip to a day spa. It’s a shame we don’t get much more of a backstory explaining why Bauer is psychologically disturbed. Although we learn a bit about her illegal medical practices, “Rabbit Hole” doesn’t offer very much insight into her as a person. Then again, maybe it’s her vague background that makes her unsettling to watch—you know, the possibility she has no reason for being as mad as she is? Bauer is a loose cannon and Elena being in her crosshairs proves a major problem for one of the two. The showdown between them is a memorable scene illustrating how brutal the werewolves in Bitten can be at their most violent.

Nurture vs. Nature

“Rabbit Hole” blends several major game changing elements, beginning with Ruth Winterbourne’s (Tammy Isbell) sordid past. It reveals the truth behind her connection with Aleister that set into motion all the events leading to the present dire circumstances. I like the attempt to shape Aleister’s character development into more than a ‘bad guy’ with the discovery of his abusive past. I know not all child abuse victims turn into homicidal maniacs, but considering Aleister’s supernatural abilities—that turned his conservative Christian foster parents against him—it provides a significant explanation behind Aleister’s hatred towards his birth mother and witches.

Speaking of witches, the second important moment of “Rabbit Hole” is the revelation of the cosmic link between werewolves and witches. As some may suspect, The Undoing revolves around severing the bond connecting the two supernatural species. We know a male witch can bring an end to all witches, and Aleister means to do this with The Undoing. Yet, what will it mean for the werewolves since they are linked with witches? Whatever it may be, I cannot imagine it will be good considering the lengths Aleister goes to in order to fulfill the spell.

Love in a Time of Witches

One of the subplots in “Rabbit Hole” teams up Nick and Paige in more physical ways than one. Since losing his father in season one, Nick has a lot of issues to resolve amid the current crisis with Aleister. It’s no surprise, therefore, how quickly he bonded with Paige when she recently experienced a personal loss.

Nick’s interaction with Paige adds more dynamic to “Rabbit Hole” in ways that allow viewers to see a different sides of him, whether it’s his witty sarcasm or sympathetic nature. Nick is a great character whom I’ve wanted to see more of in Bitten aside from his womanizing ways, and it looks like we’re getting that this season. That said, seeing the pain Logan (Michael Xavier) and Rachel (Genelle Williams), and Clay (Greyston Holt) and Elena endured, I worry about what the future holds for Nick and Paige. Still, I always look forward to the sweet interactions among all the couples; the Danvers’ clan needs a bit of happiness.

BITTEN -- "Rabbit Hole" Episode 205 -- Pictured: Sean Rogerson as Aleister -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/She-Wolf Season 2 Productions Inc.)

Aleister takes matters into his own hands


Show creator and executive producer Daegan Fryklind is the writer behind “Rabbit Hole,” and does a marvelous job of shedding light on Aleister’s origins, the significance of The Undoing, and a not so surprising, burgeoning romantic relationship.

The pacing of the season so far is quick, but not so fast you lose track of what’s going on. Each episode since “Bad Blood” has been crafted in a methodical way—focusing on the vital plot points and character development without going too long in a single story line. Despite the gore and violence that is prevalent in most of Bitten’s episodes, the tone is neither too somber nor light-hearted. I am definitely appreciating the progression not only in Elena’s strong character growth, but in the parental type of relationship she shares with Savannah. I love it when a show works out the continuity of a large ensemble of characters without losing the quality of its content, as is the case with Bitten. Fryklind’s writing is on point in “Rabbit Hole,” weaving the mythology surrounding werewolves and witches in a unique way. I don’t recall any other supernatural television series taking the approach between witches and werewolves in the manner explained in “Rabbit Hole.”

“Rabbit Hole” is The acting is great and the story lines keep getting stronger. Episodic director Bruce McDonald does a great job setting up each scene with purpose, utilizing the best angles and shots for the biggest impact. Even though Elena remains at the heart of the show, I appreciate that she’s not the only one who is front and center. Logan’s expanding story line is another terrific aspect this season too, and seeing Rachel taking advantage of her precarious situation with swift action and intelligence shows she’s no damsel in distress.

Overall, “Rabbit Hole” doesn’t hold anything back in playing the fine line between good and evil, making even the most sinister characters almost vulnerable. If “Rabbit Hole” is any indication of how good the series is as a whole, I cannot wait to see how the season ends!


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