May 17 2015

Bitten – “Nine Circles” Recap. The End of the World…Almost.

Elena does what she does best and kicks some butt!

Elena does what she does best and kicks some butt!

Season 2, Episode 6

Airdate: Friday, May 15, 2015, 9/8c on Syfy



Even though The Undoing—the apocalyptic ritual prophesied to end all witches—is the main problem for the core characters this season on Bitten, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  “Nine Circles” delves deeper into Ruth Winterbourne’s (Tammy Isbell) backstory, a rescue mission led by Paige (Tommie Amber Pirie) and Clay (Greyson Holt), and some eerie ceremonial rites going on with Savannah (Kiara Glasco). Elena (Laura Vandervoort) and Rachel’s (Genelle Williams) story lines still focus on their struggle to break free from captivity, which adds another layer of excitement and suspense to a very action packed episode. What I appreciate about “Nine Circles” is the buildup of the mysterious connection Aleister (Sean Rogerson) and Ruth share, a bond that concludes with a very big revelation—the first of many twists in this episode.

Clay and Paige to the rescue.

Clay and Paige to the rescue.

Past, Present, and Future Lives

Since Ruth’s revelation to Jeremy Danvers (Greg Bryk) that she has secrets, I can’t help but wonder the extent it will reach in relation to Aleister. Piecing together all the available information leading up to “Nine Circles,” we know for certain that Aleister and Ruth share something in common. We may not know the precise information but it’s enough to scare Ruth. Imagine my surprise when a flashback shows a pregnant young woman taking refuge at a friend’s home where she eventually gives birth to a baby boy. Turns out the baby boy is Aleister but who is his mother? Let me give you a hint: she has short dark hair and bangs. Sound familiar? I wasn’t surprised by the reveal but I am intrigued by how this news will impact Paige and the rest of the season’s story lines. There is a sense of urgency knowing Savannah’s powers are growing stronger and that she will be closer to performing The Undoing; mix the threat of a doomsday scenario with the truth of Aleister’s origins, and I felt like I was waiting for a time bomb to go off. What will this mean for Paige and the Winterbourne coven? Without a doubt, “Nine Circles” raises more questions than answers as various story lines start to branch in different directions.

Rescue Me

Just one of the many pleasant hallucinations courtesy of Aleister.

Just one of the many pleasant hallucinations Elena experiences courtesy of Aleister.

I love how assertive many of the female characters are on Bitten. Take for example Rachel, who despite her dangerous predicament, is efficient and smart at surviving against the odds. She takes advantage of every opportunity for her and her unborn child. Then there’s Elena, whose story line is at the heart of “Nine Circles.” She manages to play a critical role by the episode’s end while fighting off powerful hallucinations. When Clay and Paige storm their way into Aleister’s compound, I couldn’t help but cheer. Finally, after weeks of watching Elena suffer and go through many traumas, we get to see her reunite with Clay at last. Vandervoort and Holt have great onscreen chemistry that comes across as effortless. I’m thrilled to see them together again. Meanwhile, in a somewhat bittersweet contrast, we have Logan (Michael Xavier) and Rachel, who after another attempt to break free, finally manage to do it. I love how the show has each couple working together rather than the typical play on the damsel needing to be rescued by the hero. The female characters in Bitten are not the type to stand around and let things happen; they usually do something about it first.

Almost Had it All

Oh how the mighty fall in “Nine Circles,” yet is everything as it seems? In some ways, the culminating events put to rest a big part of Aleister’s story. What I look forward to seeing for the rest of the season is the residual impact his action has on the lives of the people who crossed his path. I want to know how Elena will recover after reuniting with Clay, and the development of Nick’s (Steve Lund) relationship with Paige. And, even if the world of the witches isn’t over, there are some open-ended questions left in the wake of Aleister’s sudden departure that give me the impression the worst isn’t over yet.


Elena and Clay are reunited at last.

Elena and Clay are reunited at last.

Writer Wil Zmack sets up a very fluid script that hits all the major points of the key story lines. I like how Savannah and Aleister’s scenes directly parallel the action going on in the compound. The entire cast does a marvelous job, and Vandervoort knocks it out of the park during Elena’s hallucination scenes. The dialogue is also poignant; one of my favorite lines comes from Clay, who expresses his thoughts about love to Paige, “When it happens, you don’t get a choice. You won’t ever want to be alone again.” I wonder if this is a hint about the future of Paige and Nick’s potential relationship.

As a midseason episode, and with such a fast progression in various story lines, I cannot imagine what else can be in store for both witches and werewolves alike. It does appear certain the danger Jeremy’s pack faces in Stonehaven among the werewolf community is still present, and I can’t wait to see where all the relationships go for the rest of the season. “Nine Circles” is another solid episode with enough suspense to carry over to the next exciting hour.


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