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The one with the overly-active imagination! Erin is a fan of all things storytelling in every form (movies, books, shows, podcasts, you name it). She is known for always carrying a book in her bag as well as paper and pen (just in case). She is also currently working on her debut YA novel. Find her on Twitter @ErinSRichards!

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Sep 07 2017

News/Photos: Star Trek: Discovery Promises to Forge Unique Path While Building On Original Legacy

Executive producers promise Star Trek Discovery will be more than nostalgia; however, the show will appeal to both newcomers and fans of the original series. Because of this promise, there have been numerous delays and complications with production. “Now, [Star] Trek is needed more than ever,” said executive producer Alex Kurtzman, referencing our current political climate. “It’s about what connects us and what we could become as a planet instead of what we are becoming.”

Jul 21 2017

News/Photos: AMC’s Preacher Cast Talks About Controversial Second Season

AMC’s Preacher cast talked to press before their Comic Con panel, discussing the show’s potential incendiary plot and characters in season two,

Jul 21 2017

News/Photos: AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead Cast Talk Crossover and Dark Turns for Season 3

AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead cast and executive producer talked to press ahead of their highly-anticipated panel at Comic Con, discussing the show’s recent midseason finale with a sneak peek at the rest of the season.

Apr 14 2017

The Handmaid’s Tale Review: A Chilling Dystopia Cloaked in Red

Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale is both a visually stunning and well-crafted story set in a truly terrifying world brought to life through immaculately beautiful details.

Apr 12 2017

TV News/Photos: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Panel at WonderCon

ABC returned to WonderCon with a full cast and executive producers from their hit show Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (or as Clark Gregg would have you believe, Marvel’s Agent’s of Hydra).

Apr 09 2017

TV News/Photos: Syfy’s The Magicians Panel at WonderCon 2017

Syfy returned to WonderCon with cast members and executive producers from hit show The Magicians for a Q&A panel and first look at the second season’s three remaining episodes.

Mar 09 2017

Movie Review: Deserted. All Eyes on Mischa Barton in Slow Burning Thriller

“The desert holds a different story for everyone.” — Deserted.
The tagline for Deserted is an apt metaphor for the entire film. When survival is on the line, everyone’s true nature emerges.

Feb 20 2017

National Treasure Review: Hulu Original Addresses Privilege and Abuse in Emotional Mini-Series

Through emotionally complex characters and a compelling narrative, National Treasure puts a spotlight on some heavy topics, including fame, privilege, sexual assault, and the consequences when they come crashing together.

Feb 18 2017

Movie Review: In Dubious Battle. James Franco Takes on Depression Era Drama.

James Franco is back in the director’s seat for his latest film, In Dubious Battle. A period drama set in depression-era California, the movie centers on the struggle for laborers working in the state’s agricultural farms and their fight for decent wages.

Jan 18 2017

Beware the Slenderman Review: HBO’s Latest True Crime Doc is What Nightmares are Made of

“He can be anywhere from 6 feet to 14 feet tall. He doesn’t have a face. His skin is white.”

Jan 05 2017

Portlandia Season 7 Premiere – “The Storytellers” Review

Bringing a whole new batch of slow-burning satire, Emmy-nominated Portlandia returns to IFC for its seventh season with 10 new episodes.

Jan 01 2017

The Crown Season 1 Review: A Glimpse Behind The Royal Scepter

If you are looking to fill that Downton Abbey sized hole in your heart, Netflix has something to patch you up. Full of all the glitz, glamour, and ambition of a royal family clashing with modern politics, The Crown takes an intimate look at Queen Elizabeth II’s (Claire Foy) rise to power and the early days of her reign. Set in the late 1940s and early 50s, The Crown explores a war-fatigued Britain in the wake of WWII and the aftermath of a nation that was once a world superpower.

Dec 05 2016

Black Mirror Season 3 Review: A Technologically Twisted Dystopian Tale

Heads up sci-fi fans, a new favorite obsession is back. The third season of Black Mirror should already be in your Netflix queue, but be forewarned, you will probably want to delete your social media accounts and turn off your phones afterward.

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