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Professional amateur movie watcher. Dustin is a laid-back nerd who loves discussing pop culture. He loves listening to 80s music, playing video games and watching netflix all day. He's pretty sarcastic and if you tell him your favorite movie he can tell you why you're wrong.

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Feb 05 2018

Movie Review: The Female Brain Cute Romantic Comedy

While The Female Brain does fall into some of the same trappings of most rom-coms, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find it to be endearing.

Dec 06 2017

Movie Review: The Pirates of Somalia – Well-Written, Interesting Drama

The Pirates of Somalia is well worth watching, especially for those who respect real journalism.

Oct 27 2017

Movie Review: Barracuda – Tense Family Drama

I was surprisingly impressed with Barracuda. It’s a smart and weirdly heartfelt piece of drama that’s worth seeing.

Oct 24 2017

Movie Review: The Elf – Don’t Bother

The only reason I would recommend watching The Elf is if you’re someone who enjoys hate-watching films.

Sep 29 2017

Movie Review: House By the Lake –  Perfectly Fine Horror Film.

House By the Lake offers a simple but intriguing setup. And that simplicity ultimately leads to the film’s downfall.

Sep 29 2017

Movie Review: It Stains the Sands Red – Solid Zombie Film.

The biggest praise I can give It Stains the Sands Red is that it’s the most original zombie film I’ve seen in years.

Sep 18 2017

Movie Review: Shot – Effective Drama Becomes Too Preachy

While Shot does stumble, sometimes feeling like a PSA, it’s still a surprisingly well-made drama.

Sep 18 2017

Movie Review: Last Rampage – Painfully Average

Last Rampage has the coldness and sterility of a Wikipedia article.

Aug 14 2017

Movie Review: What Happened to Monday – Convoluted Sci-Fi Thriller

There is some fun to be had with the action but unfortunately, it doesn’t salvage this misfire.

Aug 07 2017

Movie Review: After Love – Absolutely Riveting

After Love is one of the most heart-rending movies you’ll see this year.

Aug 06 2017

Movie Review: Red Christmas – Uneven but Entertaining Slasher

The premise of Red Christmas assures the family will be in for a good old-fashioned Christmas bloodbath. And the film delivers on that promise, albeit at times in an uneven manner.

Aug 01 2017

Movie Review: Fate – Low Budget Fun

While not groundbreaking, Sheldon’s directorial debut is a fun time-bending tale despite having some serious issues.

Jul 07 2017

Movie Review: Atomic Blonde – Pure Cinematic Delight

And while not without its flaws, Atomic Blonde absolutely delivers, solidifying Leitch as one of the best action directors working today.

Jun 05 2017

Movie Review: From Hollywood to Rose – A Long Ride That Goes Nowhere

Unfortunately, just like a bus ride, From Hollywood to Rose takes forever to get to its destination, and makes you question why you took it in the first place.

May 28 2017

Movie Review: Band Aid – Endearing Comedy Tackles Healing Through Music

Band Aid is a sweet, honest, relationship comedy that’s highly enjoyable.

Apr 24 2017

Movie Review: Whisky Galore! – A Comedy That’s Short on Laughs

Whisky Galore! is inoffensive and far from being the worst comedy ever made. It’s unfortunately just not very funny to watch.

Mar 10 2017

Movie Review: Live Cargo — Solid Directorial Debut

Overall, Live Cargo is flawed but still a solid product that’s worth checking out.

Mar 05 2017

Movie Review: Logan — A Perfect Good-bye.

#Logan breathes new life into the superhero genre.

Mar 04 2017

Movie Review: Custody — Great Performances Fail To Save Generic Melodrama.

Custody is an emotionally manipulative film that serves no purpose other than trying to get a good cry out of its viewers.

Mar 02 2017

Movie Review: The Institute – Decent Thriller Falls Short of Greatness

Does The Institute succeed in delivering a creepy film? Yes, but to varying degrees.

Feb 08 2017

Movie Review: Ghosts of Darkness – B-Movie Charm That Doesn’t Last

There are moments of cheesy fun to be had with Ghosts of Darkness but these moments are far and few between.

Jan 27 2017

Movie Review: Lost In Florence – Extraordinarily Bland

Lost In Florence is far from being the worst film ever, but it does nothing to stand out from the crowd.

Oct 20 2016

TV Movie Review: The Rocky Horror Picture Show– Fails To Recapture The Magic

There is a genuine effort at display here and a clear love for the source material, but Rocky Horror never captures the spark of what made the original The Rocky Horror Picture Show so great.

Oct 08 2016

Movie Review: Girl Flu – Heartfelt and Honest.

Girl Flu is a fantastic debut from Barton. It’s a refreshingly honest tale about leaving childhood behind and dealing with becoming an adult.

Sep 28 2016

Movie Review: Milton’s Secret – A Harmless Family Tale.

With excellent performances and a nice soundtrack of classic rock tunes, Milton’s Secret is one the whole family can enjoy.

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