Jul 24 2012

Advance Review: Oxygen’s New Dance Reality Series “All The Right Moves”


Air Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 9/8c on Oxygen


Having previewed the first episode of All The Right Moves, I have to say Oxygen may very well have a winner on their hands. With so many dance reality shows on the air now, they can’t miss with this spectacular behind-the-scenes look at what goes into building a dance company from the ground up, and what it takes to get to the top. I am a lover of all things dance and this glimpse into the dance world is right up my alley.

Pictured L-R: Teddy, Travis, Kyle and Nick.

If you’re like me and ever wondered what happens to the contestants and winners of another dance reality show by the name of So You Think You Can Dance?, you’ll be surprised to see quite a few familiar faces on All The Right Moves. The smile on my face is so huge while watching former contestants of SYTYCD—Nick Lazzarini (season 1 winner), Travis Wall (season runner up and choreographer), Melanie Moore (season 8 winner and my all time fave SYTYCD dancer!), Alexa Anderson (season 9) and others—as they strut their stuff. At least we know they don’t just vanish into thin air. It’s great to see that such talented dancers are still out there working and trying to make something of themselves.

Travis, Nick and long time friend Teddy Forance, are the three minds behind the dance company Shaping Sound. In the series premiere, we see the audition and selection process for group members, what the guys go through to get funding and how difficult it is to get their dance company up and running. Without a doubt, these guys are a force to be reckoned with. There are four roommates—Travis, Nick, Teddy and Kyle Robinson (friend and fellow dancer)—and you see exactly what you’d expect from a group of guys living together. “It’s a frat house,” Nick says and he’s not kidding. I love this aspect of the show because it reveals a side you don’t typically see on other dance reality shows. The at home, downtime is the most telling when it comes to these dancers; you experience their relationships and get a better feel for why they’re such good friends. Nick is such a goofball and diva that he definitely keeps you entertained. His personality is part of what makes him such a great dancer. Teddy is a flirt and all around good guy. Travis is well, Travis. He’s got so many things going on, yet he keeps it all together with aplomb. And last but not least, Kyle is called out to LA to help the guys but doesn’t quite know where he fits in. I’m sure the ladies will be tuning in because there are enough gorgeous men to get you hooked and keep you interested. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you meet Teddy and Kyle for the first time.

What I like most about the series premiere is the insight into Travis’ dedication to the guys he’s starting Shaping Sound with and how he doesn’t want to leave them behind. You have three friends who have been through quite a bit together and yes, one of them is more of a household name than the others by virtue of his Emmy®-nominated work on SYTYCD. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t equally talented. This is Travis’ mission for his partners—he wants the world to know Shaping Sound isn’t just his baby, but the brainchild and collaboration of his friends as well. That alone makes me love Travis even more. (I’m such a huge fan, can’t you tell?!) To know he has such integrity makes me want to tune in to see if/how things will change his friendships and affect the life of the dance company. Although, Travis may have to admit (as well as his friends) that his being a household name can only help the company. Heck, he’s part of the reason I’ll be tuning in! Have you seen the numbers he’s choreographed for SYTYCD and Dancing with the Stars?

And of course there’s the dancing. That’s what we’re all tuning in for, right? The guys are phenomenal, which we already know, but let’s not forget the ladies of the company. I don’t want to reveal too much here as there is an audition process during which dancers are selected, but just know the ladies are definitely holding their own! The guys and gals showcase their skill during auditions and an investor sneak peek performance. All I will say is these guys are truly amazing choreographers and will have much success. They just have to.

There are two things that set All the Right Moves apart from other shows in the dance reality genre. First, it isn’t a competition and second, we get to see what happens after the show is over. I think that’s what we all want to know anyway, right? What’s the process like for dancers who’ve gotten their big break; how is a dance company started; and what will the group do to gain notice in the dance world? All of these questions and more will be answered when you tune in to the series premiere of All The Right Moves. And just because this is a dance show doesn’t mean there isn’t any drama. I can already speculate there will be plenty of water cooler conversations centered on Travis and his long time friend Taja. Want to know who she is? You have to watch.

Tune in to the series premiere of All The Right Moves, Tuesday, July 31 at 9/8c on Oxygen. For more on the show, visit http://all-the-right-moves.oxygen.com/.

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